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Reset your life

Course to find your own formula of happiness, based on the scientific method applied in your daily life. Discover your unconscious limitations, programs and beliefs.

The proposal is to spend three days together, to obtain tools and changes in 40 days.

First day:define where Iam going; how to create my reality.During this day we will know the different theories about how reality created.And each person will dedicate a personal space of time to realize their ideas. Sharing with the group brings many ideas.

Second day: analysis of the unconscious programs that limit and prevent you from achieving your wishes.Once we define what each one wants, we will spend the whole day analyzing the Sense Proyect (my family´s my mother 9 months before before conception, preganancy and childbirth) There are many unconciuos limitations associated with this stage of life, our existence, sometimes very surprising.

We will also learn to build and analyze the transgenerational tree, where the origin of all our limitations lies.

Third day: Identification and change of beliefs.

We will begin by understanding that it is a belief and how it is installed in us unconsciously, and in what it is maintained.

We will visit our childhood, to identify the messages received in that time that still continue to operate in us. we will make a change in three fundamental beliefs and we will learn to identify and change more beliefs.

We will be together for three days.The remainig 37, we will be connected by different digital media,to be abble to accompany the process of change.


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