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Renew your Energy & Reconnect with what matter most to you

As Winter is fading away, you may noticing that some how you have been hibernating, ordreaming of something new and not takingaction, or tried hardly to achieve outer goals, or may be you catched up finding yourself more in the same old way of doing and living .

is just about starting and bring an energy of new beginnings, of planting new seeds, of letting emerge a new life.

Synchronizing with the natural energy around us, in this 4-hour experiential workshop, you will:

- getting clearer where you are right now, right here in your whole life
- reconnecting and/or receiving new information from your inner guidance, yoursoul, your quantum self
-shifting your energy : perceptions, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, habits
exploring, discovering the new seeds you need to plant, take care of in order to flourish as well as your projects
stepping away from unnecessary distraction

- a mapp for your next steps and unfolding path

We will use frameworks, tools for expanding our awareness and some guided visualization and conversation. The 4 hour workshop include a free coffee break.

Join with an open heart and mind, an intimate circle of  participants and give to yourself the gift of living more fully with greater connection.

 Together we can manifest and accomplish more than we can imagine. Looking forward to your presence.

For your information, 15% of the profit will go to support the preservation of Elephants.


Who is leading the workshop: Odile Monroy  is  a profesional intuitive coach, French based near by beautiful Barcelona, who serves women and men of all walks of life and specially global mind setters, explorers of different cultures and experiences. She shows up in their path when they find themselves at a crossroad  where old questions such like should I stay or should I go dont work anymore.

She collaborates also with organizations that aims for vital and sustainable development and the creation of meaningful & purposeful employee, clients and stakeholder experience.  

Odile brings a great sense of service, love for people and nature along with gifts of intuition, healing and connectedness. She works internationally on one-on-one coaching thanks to today technology.

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