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Araia Music Band

When, in 1988, thanks to popular initiative and Municipal backing, the project of today's Araia Music Band was launched, rather than gestating a new cultural expression in this town on Alava's Eastern Plain, it succeeded in pumping new life into an institution as deeply rooted in Araia as its mountains or its forests.  

Araia's musical spirit has been and remains a constant feature in this small town of approximately 1300 inhabitants. Said musical tradition dates back to at least 1876, when the Music Band already existed, taking turns with the municipal txistu player to provide entertainment on public holidays with the pieces they would perform in the town square. With the passing of the years, and the sending of an organist to the Parish Church of St Peter, the musical teaching gained in basis and credibility, leading to strengthening of the Music Band which had, in the first half of the 20th century, provided cheer and entertainment for social events and occasions both in the town and in its surrounding areas, where its presence would be requested by the local village councils.  

It was at the end of the sixties that industrial development and changes in leisure habits caused a deep crisis in the Band, which was unable to play as it had done on previous occasions. The preference for orchestras and the search for new forms of entertainment outside of town caused the Music Band to collapse and disappear, leaving instruments and scores abandoned for almost twenty years.

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